ImWind GmbH, Austria

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Name: ImWind Betriebsführungs GmbH

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

Customer Since: 2019

Wind Capacity: 430 MW

Wind Turbines: 140

Asset Locations: Austria

Turbine Suppliers: Vestas, Enercon, Senvion

Stakeholders: Operators, Asset Managers, Analysts, Engineers, Partners

Benefits for ImWind:

  • Decrease in unplanned downtimes, consequential reduction in energy losses
  • Early detection of main bearing and gearbox failures
  • Automated performance monitoring of turbine power curves
  • Time savings from focusing on follow-ups rather than issue detection
  • Reduction in workload for asset managers
  • “Safety Net” approach ensures nothing gets missed

“The i4SEE applications provide wind turbine operators with value at all levels. Those with less experience in data analytics will gain completely new insights into the condition of their assets.

For those with more experience, the automated tools enable efficiency improvements and ensure that nothing is missed.”

Christian Felling – Head of Operations