i4SEE Selected by FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency to Receive R&D Funding

A little over two years after writing the first few lines of code at i4SEE, we have created a system which provides #augmentedintelligence to operators of over 9 GW of assets in the wind industry, helping them to automatically detect and diagnose a range of critical failures. We achieved this with a small team, limited budget, lots of creativity, some help from great people, and a clear vision.

Now we are very proud to announce that we have been selected by the FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency in Vienna to receive funding which will help us to build a new generation of digital technology for wind turbine fleet optimisation. This time our dream is bigger, our team is bigger, and we are still moving at warp speed. 🚀 Here’s to the next two years of creating technology that does not exist!