Energie Burgenland Starts i4SEE Services with Near Zero Internal Effort

Energie Burgenland Green Energy, Austria’s biggest wind farm owner and operator, uses i4SEE TECH GMbH, a wind analytics and predictive maintenance specialist, to conduct monthly performance analytics on their full portfolio.

Martin Horvath, responsible for performance improvements at Energie Burgenland Green Energy, expresses the completely effortless onboarding process for i4SEE services: “we provided i4SEE with a secure API access to our Softenergy WIS 2nd level SCADA monitoring platform, and then we received an invitation to the first monthly results meeting”.

“We aim to deliver high value services at a minimum cost for our clients, and part of these costs are obviously the internal effort that our clients need to bear,” says Christopher Gray, CEO of i4SEE. “This is the reason why we invested in the development of a “zero effort” onboarding process for our busy clients. This vision became reality and now i4SEE clients can profit from this development.”

“What I really liked about our first monthly meeting with i4SEE is the efficiency of the result delivery. Literally every minute was fruitful, and we already found out new performance issues that we will address. I’m looking forward to our next meeting,” Martin Horvath stated after the first monthly meeting.

“With i4SEE services, we can make sure that we, as a small and efficient team, can keep up the highest quality level of operation for our assets,” said Michael Haider, Head of Asset Operations at Energie Burgenland Green Energy.

“I am really glad that the investment in the efficient onboarding and result delivery process pays off, and that our clients, like Energie Burgenland Green Energy, enjoy working with us. To deliver the highest value at the lowest cost is what drives us constantly,” Christopher Gray concludes.