For owners and operators of renewable energy portfolios wishing to maximise the production of their assets, but faced with the pressures of high costs, risk and workload, i4SEE provides an analytics solution that will help to transform existing operational data into increased financial returns.

Unlike other analysis software which is often costly and requires complex implementation, the i4SEE applications are fairly priced, can be implemented very easily and immediately provide clear advisory information to enable a transition to predictive operations and maintenance.


We want to help reduce the cost of renewable energy because we believe that this can change the world for the better. We want a safer future for ourselves, for our children and for those around us.

We want to build something special, to work efficiently and with purpose, since time is running out. We are focusing all of our resources on what we know best: wind turbine data analytics.

Together with you, our community of partners and customers, we believe we can make a difference.


Renewable energy must become so cheap that a huge and rapid expansion takes place, not due to subsidies or policy but driven by traditional economics. At i4SEE TECH we aim to make a strong contribution by helping our customers to reduce their operation & maintenance costs and by maximizing the output of their fleets.

 We have developed data analysis applications that can be activated quickly, at large scale and low cost. Using existing operational data, we predict the future behavior of wind turbines and provide actionable recommendations concerning inspection, repair and optimization.

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Benefits of our approach


Extracting maximum value from existing data to improve the efficiency and performance of wind turbine fleets, whilst simultaneously reducing operational costs.


Applications that can be easily connected to any first or second level SCADA system and run either on-premise, on a cloud service of your choice or on the fully scalable i4SEE cloud.


Rapid implementation of digital process such as predictive maintenance or fleet performance monitoring using a combination of your existing infrastructure enhanced with i4SEE Applications.

Augmented Intelligence

Algorithms using a unique combination of wind energy domain expertise and machine learning techniques to achieve maximum accuracy and provide actionable results.

What our customers say

“We have a very successful cooperation with i4SEE TECH with great results. It was very easy to setup the software and include it as part of our operational processes. Their analysis results have enabled us to detect several major component defects in our turbines, allowing us to plan proactively and avoid expensive failures.”

“The i4SEE applications provide wind turbine operators with value at all levels. Those with less experience in data analytics will gain completely new insights into the condition of their assets. For those with more experience, the automated tools enable efficiency improvements and ensure that nothing is missed.”

“Using the i4SEE TECH applications we were able to perform fully automated analysis of our operational data. The i4SEE results were retrieved via the API and embedded into our own reporting system, resulting in an efficient and scalable solution for wind turbine performance analysis.”